The CLAS Concept

At the very core of Pro ICE operations is the CLAS Concept – “Caring, Loving And Sharing” – which encompasses all its products and services going green. Derived from the company’s mission, the CLAS concept harnesses the synergy of the best and latest in technology to promote physical and mental wellbeing, preserve and save lives, and safeguard the family and community. Each product offered by Pro ICE is driven by the CLAS concept.

Pro ICE Sales & Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. (Company no. 166300X) started its operations in early 1986 as a car audio exclusive distributor, becoming the pioneer who introduced American brands for car audio systems into Malaysia. Throughout the years, Pro ICE has expanded its operations into vehicle security systems, vehicle safety, vehicle location-based services, cloud-based digital evidence management system, electronic weapon systems and electrical transportation.

With 30 years of experience in the industry, Pro ICE has earned the trust and recognition of both its customers and suppliers due to the reliability of its products and its outstanding service track record. Holding on steadfastly to its mission of constantly evolving as a dynamic and progressive company, Pro ICE innovates on ideas and concepts such as using technology bundling to produce state-of-the art products.

Pro ICE believes in educating and building the communities around it. It is actively involved in shaping the car audio industry by contributing in the founding of the Auto Audio, Accessories and Air-Condition Traders Association (AAA) of Malaysia, European Mobile Media Association (EMMA), International Auto Sound Challenge Association (IASCA) and the Asian Mobile Media Association (AMMA) to promote the concept of good sound throughout Asia. Pro ICE also works closely with Malaysian Law Enforcement Agencies and the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundations (MCPF) to fight crime. It also keeps its dealers abreast of new products and services, introduces new technologies approved by Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM), and organizes activities such as car security competitions through the “Pro ICE University” initiative.

Today, Pro ICE is the leader for professional in-car entertainment, professional in-car security and professional in-self defense products and services in Malaysia and provides access to internationally well-known brands to customers through its network of dealers from the ASEAN region.

Our Mission

To follow the path of truth in directing science and technology to serve life, justice and peace.

Our Vision

To build an environment that supports the dignity of all life, and peace, light, and prosperity are each day’s future.