IGLA Warranty

* Warranty registration must be done within 7 days of installation by the dealer with the knowledge of the customer.

Fill in the particulars / Isikan butiran berikut / 请输入个人资料

Customer Name / Nama Pelanggan / 顾客姓名:
Customer H/P No. / No. Bimbit Pelanggan / 顾客联络号码:
Customer E-Mail / E-Mel Pelanggan / 顾客电邮:

Number Plate / No. Kenderaan:
Car Brand / Jenama Kereta:
Car Model / Model Kereta
IGLA Serial number / No. Siri IGLA : (IGLA Serial - IGLA Bluetooth)

IGLA installed location / Lokasi pemasangan IGLA:
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Authorized Dealer / Pengedar / 商店名称:
Dealer Mobile No. / No. Bimbit Pengedar / 商家手机联络号码:
Dealer E-Mail / E-Mel Pengedar / 商家电邮:

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