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To follow the path of truth in directing science and technology to serve life, justice, and peace.
To build an environment that supports the dignity of all life, and peace, light, and prosperity are each day's future.
Pro ICE started operation in early 1986 as a car audio distributor and progressed into the car alarm industry in 1988.

Pro ICE has today four strategic business units (SBUs) namely:
a. Professional In-Car Entertainment: car audio and accessories
Brands: JL Audio,ARC Audio, AudioControl, Orion, Macrom, and Steelmate
b. Professional In-Car Security: car alarm
Brands: Clifford, Viper, Python, XpressKit, Install Essentials, and Steelmate
c. Professional In-Consumer Electronics: smart home, office and home security
Brands: Linear
d. Professional In-Personal Defence: non-lethal products
Brands: Advanced Taser, Swedish Armour (Vest and Jacket), Key Cuff, and Pepper Spray.

Over the years, Pro ICE has earned the trust and recognition due to its outstanding service track record and the reliability of its products in its stable. Holding on steadfastly to its mission of constantly evolving as a dynamic and progressive company, Pro ICE innovates on ideas and concepts with state of the art in-car security and entertainment products. Its CLAS concept harnesses the synergy of the best and latest in electronic security products is an example of what Pro ICE offers.
Sound management solidly backed by a team of dedicated and loyal staff, Pro ICE today counts approximately 200 dealers from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei as their partners to provide extensive service for their customers.
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